Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Now here my friends is the chance
To watch phrases, words sing and dance

A poem of something thou request
A topic free for all, thou to suggest
Hatred churned poem or love conquest
Twigs and branches I’ll turned it to a nest

Pick the most melodious singers
Choreograph with the most graceful dancers
Give me the words, phrases that most matter
And I will make it into a show simply spectacular

First of every poem goes for free
A gift to you, a test for me
If thou want more poems from me
Let’s talk business with a reasonable fee

My poetic mind is making me crazy again… So I’d think of making use to it… If my poem is too deep, well here’s the translation. I’ll be writing poems for YOU, yes Y-O-U. About anything Y-O-U want. Drop me the request if you want. And of course, give me words or phrases that you want me to insert to the poem. Maybe you want your darling’s name inside the love poem, or cursing the hell out of somebody. Every first poem from me to each of you is free… If you want more from me, then let’s talk business. It won’t be expensive… It should be less than RM 5. Originality guaranteed. No plagiarism… Oh… maybe I should not be that good… 1st 10 poems are free… But one can only get it free once…


gackyz said...

do one for me!

title " GACKY"

jpthedarkknight said...

tell me the details...