Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Tale of Tomatoes

If I were to choose between a cherry tomato and a strawberry, I’ll definitely choose a cherry tomato. Weird huh. Most people would choose a strawberry though…

They say strawberries are sweet, tomatoes sour

But the truth is most strawberries are sour

One is a vegetable, another one a fruit?

To tell you the truth, both are fruits

People cherish strawberries, despise tomatoes,

Putting it in the same category as potatoes,

But be it a cold or a warm weather

A tomato’s skin stays soft as a feather

Classy desserts strawberries are,

But a tomato’s range is even far,

Excellent in an appetizer, blends in a salad,

Thirst quenching drink till the sauce for fillets

Tomatoes were once thought poisonous fruits

Only fed to cows and goats as food

From spaghetti sauce till tom yam soup

Without you it as if there is a missing loop

Without strawberries a cake is still a cake

Without a tomato what else can we make?

You range in size from big to small

From bright red till the golden orange of fall

Compared to strawberries the latter with most call

But in forever in my heart, you always stand tall.

For most people, a strawberry seems like more useful than a tomato. But if you think again, you can find a tomato doing a strawberry’s job, except on a cake ( If there is, please let me know). Yes, every one of it is sour. But it is the consistency of its taste and texture that will never let me down when I pop one into my mouth…


gackyz said...

nice writing (:
i want a carrot, can?

jpthedarkknight said...

u want me 2 crap it in a poem? XD