Thursday, August 27, 2009


I’m absolutely, totally pissed off today

Everything does not seem to go my way

So it’s normal that my temper frayed

Oh my goodness, what a day

Minor management test tomorrow

Yet what I’m studying I don’t know

How in the world I can be mellow

Notes leading me but I can’t follow

Today’s dinner supposed to be eat out

God damned rain came, my plan put out

Thinking of going out at night for supper

Good old rain came pouring at the double

Thought of playing games on my laptop

Suddenly a rumble came from the top

Lightning and thunder singing a duet

Pulled out the plug before it was too late

What more of USM hotspot

Better call it a broken teapot

Line was in its usual inconsistency

In other words it is known as lousy!

Tests here, assignments there

My oh my, how I HATE this nightmare

Make me GERAM and make me scare

God oh god wonder how I’ll fare

Written by JP_ONG (J0k3r P03T_On9) 12.04am. I’m PISSED!!!!!!


edvinn said...

the middle finger yeng :D

gackyz said...

haha i oso wanna show the middle o0o