Friday, August 21, 2009

My Taste - A Gift or A Curse?

People tend to listen to all kinds of music. From unknown singers till hearthrob artiste. I favour the best. Taiwan King of Pop Lee Hom, Jay Chou.

People tend to play all kinds of applications or games in facebook. Some so dull that it just requires alicking here and there. I favour the best. Playfish's Pet Society, Restaurant City, Country Story, and Crazy Planet.

People tend to enjoy eating at McD's. I favour taste bud tangling Itallian dishes(Pizza Hut will do the trick though, no need for DOME!)

Most guys tend to always be in a relationship. Out goes the old one, in comes the new one. Every month a new one. My last attempt ended chasing for empty air for two years.

EVERY GIRL that I target are already unavailable or in a brief moment of time, will turn unavailable. So if you girls out there are scared not able to find someone, convince me to target you. You will meet someone very soon.

MOST think I'm stupid, SOME think I'm complicated. I think myself of having high taste. Sometimes way too high. But it is in my blood. If you want something, why not aim for the best?

Failure is now so normal, that it keeps encouraging me to push for even higher achievements...

But some how, I do doubt my limits and abilities...

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