Friday, December 10, 2010

My Pre~cioussss~~!!!

My Pre~cioussssss~~!!!!

Precious. That was what Gollum called the One Ring. Poisoned by it, and controlled by it. And of course in the end, consumed by it, in the fires of Mount Doom...

I'm sure that many people would have read about a horrific incident where a youth committed suicide because of his girl friend leaving him. His name is Alviss Kong .

Now of course, if he were to be compared with Gollum, he is much more good looking than Gollum. Hell. He's even more good looking than any of us. God his looks. Super duper handsome.

But don't guys out there. Don't worry. WE are SMARTER and more LOGICAL than him...

I'd always believe that there is nothing in this world that is worth to die for. Even for someone you love. Come to think of it. If you really love someone and that someone also loves you too, would you give up your life for him or her? Have you really thought about the pain and torture he or she has to live through without you? I'd rather die with someone I love, or live together with them.

Sadly our dear friend hasn't thought about this. It's just his second relationship. And it's pure puppy love. He took his life because he was unable to control himself. The emotion. The thinking. The thoughts of his girl friend leaving him force him into such foolish act, that created sadness to his family, friends and the world.

He died, and we will forget him, this very guy who is now so hot on facebook, in 5 years time.

At least for our dear friend the Gollum, he died as the one carrying the ring into the flames of Mount Doom. And he was the main reason, the ring was destroyed. Everyone remembers that the don't they?

My note to Alviss, should he is able to see it


Everyone is praying for peace upon you. But you know the moment you jumped of the building with a broken heart, you'd never find peace; you'd lie in broken pieces. That's the freaking truth. You breathed your last breath on Earth and left as a sad soul. Peace is for you to find and realize the truth. We, really can't help that much... "

If praying and wishing was really that miraculous, doctors aren't the ones creating miracles and saving life. The under graduates right now will be pursuing their degree in scriptures chanting in temples. And you would find news about insufficient temples, mosque, churches to support growing numbers of under graduates. Hell, how would the world look like?

Wishes and prayers are merely verbal supports and believes. When it comes to effort and actions, you'd still have to rely on yourself.

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