Friday, December 17, 2010


Self-profess God, self-profess Genius,
Yes, compared to you I'm virtually nothing
You stepped on me, dissected me, did everything you like
But please remember, even a bacteria, has it's pride

Shame that God isn't really an individual,
If He were one, would your critics be aimed at Him?
Too bad He always stays up in Heaven.
So every disaster you blame it one me.

I easily forgive, that doesn't mean I forget.
But I always choose not to think of the bad.
But when you keep doing this and that,
Then sorry dude, you always give me a relapse.

What I do, I never wished for a thank you.
What you did, I'd never wish for an apology;
But please don't always take things for granted,
And please, don't always keep treating me as a blaming totem.

Maybe I was born with everything rong,
And you were born with everything right,
But every human is born with rights
You can't just walk along and shooting everyone in sight.


the unknown said...

nice poem dude.
he/she whose presence inspired this poem should read it. :P

juz thought u should know, God is one and not many.

jpthedarkknight said...

God is there for who who believes. God exist in many forms, but present as one =)