Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Again, my future seems unclear
As I trod along the path with fear
Knowing that adulthood is very near
That we must all go up the society tier

From baby, to walking, and running
Learning how to ride a bike, and then studying
Day by day, year by year passed without realising
That my study life, is on the brink of finishing

I will start my first step into the society
When I start my 5 month training industry
It is the requirement of my food tech degree
But certainly, not what I wanted to be.

To higher my education, or stop after I graduate
Is a complicated decision I haven't really made
As for me, both choices have their own requirement
Which of course needs a hell lot of commitment.

From Jp the dark knight, to the bard and the joker,
I've played many roles and personalities along my life
But the time when my path diverge,
Choose the right one, and never ever look back in remorse...

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