Sunday, February 27, 2011


Okay I dunno why I started liking rap

It’s like a poison that spreads you need not to adapt

And it does not need to sound nice or even freaking rhyme

All you need is a fast mouth to catch the beat and time

It all started writing poetry for the sake of writing poetry

And then I started listening to Eminem and then life got crazy

And never thought that loving you made me more crazy

But the cold shoulder you gave me made me fall into the abyss

Is it the feelings I conveyed to you on January the 3rd?

Or is it the sonnet I wrote to you on freakin Valentine?

Or is it the constant care that you treated as a freak’s harassment?

You make me sound like a fool for everything I do I am wrong

Do you remember the times when we would chat endlessly?

Or the times I would wait blindly for you to even appear online

Cause now the only freaking thing I think I am waiting

Is a backlash from you that’s gonna slap me real hard in the face

Did I talk too much, no no heck we’re like strangers now

Did I give too much? Heck you’d push back everything I tried to give

Know that loving you was never a choice for me

But for treating me as a friend or a jerk, you choose the latter for me

So now what, my life is in topsy turvy

I dunno how to get you off my f*cking mind oh God help me

Sometimes I feel it’s better to sleep and have nightmares

But the damning fact is that nightmares wake me up to reality

Where I know every single message goes without a reply

And every single comment on your status goes to your blind eye

I tried to be casual, normal and friendly

But at the end of the day, you’d still f*cking ignoring me

Note that I never say I love you or I miss you all those truths

Cause I know it don’t matter you aren’t even treating me as a normal friend to start with

Normal conversations break off as if I’m talking to the wall

Oh no wait, I forgot, Bruno says it is me talking to the moon

If a total erase is what you want

Then tell me in the face, don’t act like I’m invisible, and I’ll give you what you want

I don’t know what a silent treatment holds

Just say:”F*CK OFF!” and I’ll disappear and letting you go…


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