Saturday, February 26, 2011

Food For Thought On Reality (Love)

It is a fact, that the University is the best place to find a soul mate. If you graduate as a bachelor (for guys), chances are you will stay single for quite some time (even forever!)... So yeah... I have to admit... I am desperate... But if it is fated that I will be single for the rest of my life, I'd accept, but not without giving in a fight. For girls it's okay, as long as if you have the looks, you needn't care about being single for your life...

Well maybe some of you might say that there are better chances while working. You may be right, if you have been in the working society yourself and witnessed it. I on the other hand, am currently undergoing my industrial training, or simply internship, has found that this statement of better chance during working is absolutely W-R-O-N-G. Not only there are a freaking damn few choices, hark you would even regret for not finding one in the University. It’s that sad. And to think of it, you would be so busy working that the only time you have to find a soul mate is just looking at her. You’d still need to court, this and that, and also consider her relationship status availability.

At the university, who cares? 8 or 9 stones out of the 10 you throw would surely hit a single and available girl. I won’t talk about looks or preference. It’s too subjective. Heck even if that girl has a boyfriend, it is NOT WRONG at all to go for her. Which line in the law does it state that you can’t play the third party in a relationship? It’s not even morally wrong to begin with! But for me, I honestly don’t like playing bad guy. But if you think she is the one, go for it. The lightning will not strike you for committing a crime.

Where else in a working society, heck that girl you’re eying is maybe close to engagement. And you’re going to break you heart for something ain’t realistic and achievable. Precisely.

And you still think that you can find the princess of your dreams in the working world. If you still think so, good luck. One last point. Even in a working world, you’re not the only guy looking for a soul mate. The battle just gets a little fiercer… ;) Don't forget there ARE a lot of single guys who failed finding a girl at the University...

My advice, get your arses working. Go get the girl that you’ve been thinking of. Even if she has a boy friend, go for it, if you really like her. There is no rights and wrongs in love.

Only the best man wins… He who wins, wins all

And for those who wanna question me on my situation, I too have tried. Heck I'd even sacrifice everything. My current situation, is like a game of lousy poker. No trump cards. No royal flush, no one of a kind, no pairs. Nada. Just bunch of lousy cards. But I'd thrown in every chip I have, all in (yeah I'm that crazy).

No way there is a way of winning, but I'd still go all in. The only chance I have is, touching the girl's heart with my stupidity and idiocy that she would fold her cards and let me win...

Oh man.. I am such a lousy poker player... >.<

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