Monday, February 14, 2011


Black are her eyes, black as ebony

Black but with a sparkle that captures me

Her hair are of amber flowing down naturally

Concealing the face every man would die to see

Yes thou aren’t the fairest of them all

But then again, you made me stutter and fall

Beauty and fair should never be put together

Cos when comes beauty there is no other

The times that we’ve met can be counted

The conversations we’ve had even more limited

So don’t ask me why I fell for you

Even me myself don’t have a clue

We’ve been chatting less lately

Maybe you’re busy, maybe afraid of me

Afraid that you’re irritated by me

I suppress the urge to talk with you forcefully

Sometimes I just can’t sit still in my cell

When I know that you are unwell

Pardon me for being a busy body

I meant only to concern, care and worry

Last of all, grant me an apology

Was told to rub you off, I didn’t, sorry;

Even if I try, it’s going to be very hard

To forget someone etched deep in my heart.

I know I gave you a shock when I told you about “that thing”. I’m sorry. I know that I’m no hot handsome guy, nor do I have talents and skills that would sweep you off your feet.

And I’m no prince clad in shining armour to take you off to a castle.

I’m just a normal guy, who fell for the most amazing girl in my life… =)

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