Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Light At The End of The Tunnel?

Let's be honest and frank. Straight to the point shall we?

I'm not happy with my life. I'm not reading or learning new things. My job takes up almost all of my day. I spend my weekend trying to recuperate but still haunted by my job. I sleep to relieve stress yet it takes up my time to do what I like. Heck even the things that I like to do seems bland.

Nope I'm not loosing focus. I think I am too engross in some major parts of my work that I let slipped a few things. Not that it's something that I'm proud of though. In fact it makes my life more miserable. The anxiety and self-doubts sky rocket.

I am indeed going through a tough time lately. Maybe it's a small issue or obstacle to some. But it is definitely a rough time for me. Untimely also as I have already made up some key decisions which would be a turning point of my life.

Since a few hours back till now, I feel a little more at ease. I spent my night talking to a good friend. Pouring out my bitter moments. She gave her advice and motivation as best as she could.

And then we talk about our future. Her present but my yet to realized future, as she is now enjoying the life she had yearned for and achieved.

Me? Mine is still a dream. A dream that I failed to realize a few weeks back. She talk about hers. I talk about mine. I talk and talk on this dream company of mine. All through the info I've learnt from Internet and my best pal who's working there.

I felt excited and happy to be able to tell people, that such a company exists out there. An office as cool as Google's office. Voted the world's most democratic workplace. A place where personal growth is valued. A place where people go in and learn, and leave to realize the bigger part of their dreams.Zentrepreneruship. Incitement. Project Renaissance. Collecting the world's brightest minds together to make a change. 

Sounds unbelievable? Well let me open your eyes for you if you can't...

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