Sunday, June 22, 2014

There And Back Again

It always feels good to get a brief escape back to the town I grown up.

I feel safe over there. I feel familiar and accustomed to everything there.

Never needed air conditioner over there as even in dire situations, it can be tolerated or I could easily go out somewhere without being afraid of stuck in a jam.

I've mentioned countless amount of time. The feeling of wanting to turn back the clock and live the life of a boy, yet to experience the hardship and pain everyone one of us have to overcome in the working world.

Back then, everything was purely academic. Even the stress which we all thought was agonizing, is just a speck of what we face now in our daily life. Back then, I would say that even there wasn't any homework-life balance, life was indeed better than now. Cause back then, we only need to worry about our studies.

Eventually we came to a crossroad where we had to determine what and where to go. Usually for the group of people I know, there's only 3 major choices. Either its going to Penang or to KL, or it's staying put at Taiping.

I've briefly gone through all 3 of them. I had a brief spell of becoming a waiter in Taiping itself. Life as a waiter wasn't as easy as I imagined. I learn a lot but I felt that someone with my capabilities shouldn't be doing something well below my abilities.

Then I went to Penang. Life was good in the sense of my work was work life balance. Start work and end work on time. Life was supposed to be great as it involves me traveling around. But gosh it is tiring to drive daily up and down and left and right.

At last here I am at KL. A chance came knocking on the door to bring me to the capital where I know chances and opportunities are of abundance. A place where the best of the best come and face each other off, taking the sides of giant corporations, MNCs or small yet fast moving companies. And yes that also includes me in my current situation.

However, life will still lead me to a crossroad when the time comes. When I have a family, it would really make me ponder whether to stay on in this bustling city or move back to the countryside...

There and back again after 2 days. Will there ever be a there and back again after 5-10 years? Well best we just focus on tomorrow and let everything unfold

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