Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Soulmate

I really envy people who dates each other for a long time.

The longer the better. And then they end up married to each other. Happy ending.

In someways I am old fashioned. I think it's better for a guy and a girl to date each other for a long period (a minimum of 5 years) before ending up getting married.

Cause these days, I think people say "I do" a bit too abruptly. Or maybe triggered by an event which accelerates everything.

Maybe it is not 100% guaranteed, but the longer you know someone, the better you understand someone.  People may change during the years but I think there is some truth in that previous sentence. And to be able to be in a relationship for more than 5 years, not only you know him or her well, you are well prepared to tolerate the good and bad side of them.

In another way also, 5 years of being in a boy girl relationship and still loving each other, feeling that the other half completes you is a short test of endurance for the many years to come.

But then again, factoring the golden and preferable age for a woman to get pregnant (early 30s), I should be in a relationship by now. Then get married after 5 years +.

Oh God. Why am I still single...

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