Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Path To Greatness

"The path to greatness has always been unconventional

Dare to be different"

-Ong Joo Parn 25th June 2014

I am a man of my words. A believer of sayings. A conjurer of quotes.
Many great men gave famous speeches and quotes. Who knows what the future holds for me?

More often or not, quotes and sayings don't just come up like a lightning out of the blue. Even a lightning needs a storm cloud as a prelude.

There I was. Seeing the me 1 year ago. Eagerly fighting to be one of the selected 12. Honestly, I never did thought of making to the final round. 

Back then, joining the company was my self perceived cognitive dissonance to a path of greatness. To which now I clearly disagree to what I believed back then.

I am not being pessimistic though. I have seen more. Heard more. Learned more. If greatness was a path so easily attained and straight forward, there would be more than one Apple, more than one Google. More than one Thomas Edison so and so forth.

The path to greatness is always the road less or not taken.That's why there will always be one Steve Jobs. One Elon Musk. One Richard Branson.

One ME.

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