Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Becoming of A Man?

Recently, I found myself very hot-tempered, getting angry very easily. I used to be the quiet little boy who does not get involved in fights, who brushed off every confrontation with a sorry or a smile, be the first one to admit mistakes so that any quarrel or fighting clear off instantly. But not now. Its kinda wierd for me acting like that, its just not me. Even small petty maters irked me and I find myself in a very bad mood...

Is it the male hormones inside me changing me?


sulin said...

Your last line's very interesting.

Regarding your first paragraph, it could be that you couldn't take it anymore. After being the good boy for so long, you probably start feeling impatient now.

Or maybe you can't stand the people who you got angry with/

Or maybe, it's just the weather.

Cheer up! Go have some cendol or ais kacang to cool down. :)

Jp said...

haha.. yeah.. i just had ais kacang... ^^