Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Vow.. My Strength.. My Future..

I'm filled with fear
With everything now so near
My touch, vision, sense and hear
Of my future so unclear...

What has happened was my past
In this year that went so fast
Before the new sem my dreams all cast
Hoping I won't finish again last

I want to strive, I wanna fight
With all my strength and might
Yet my target seems put of sight
Leaving me floating in blindless light

Every night I lay awake,
Thinking of the obstacles I will take
All is not easy as a piece of cake
In fact it is all making me sick

Im afraid to fail
It is like a ship without sail
Stranded in the middle of the sea
What a nightmare that will be

My heart feels so empty
Ironically filled with uncertainty
Will I be the savior, strong and mighty
Or rot away as a loser, a folly

I always dream to be like those people who I think are so gifted around me... I am envious of what people can do and what I cannot do. I thought I was weak, stupid. But deep inside I know, I will do what it takes to prove that even I am not the best, I will try my best to challenge to be at the top. Time has not proven my ability and strength. But hopfully in the future, it will...


ju said...

wah..wrote until so good!
u r gifted to write such good poem too
dun compare too much with others
good luck!

gackyz said...

a poem full with ur inner voice. ;p jia you ^^

Jp said...

Yeah.. good luck to every one too.. may we find what we seek..