Thursday, May 6, 2010

Iron Man 2

Iron Man finally got his sidekick XD

Robert Downey Jr. is back as the playboy super hero Iron Man. And I tell you, you really gotta watch this one!!! It rocks!!

Okay, some of you may have forget what had happened in the first part of the movie. Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man ( his name in the story) got kidnapped on a trip in Afghanistan. The terrorist who kidnapped him placed an electromagnet thingy into his chest, which in the end forces him to use an arc reactor(yes, the thing he inserts in his chest and glows in the dark). So now in the second part of the movie, as in this movie, the arc reactor is powered by an element called paladium, which side effects toxify Tony's blood.

Iron man is viewed as some as a national sercurity threat and the US government wanted Stark to hand over the suits. And they are teaming up with Stark's rival company Justin Hammer to produce an army of Iron man. But in the end Stark made Senator Stern look like a fool at the conference and insisting that there will be no others with the technology to build the iron man suit.

Little that he knows that the son of a Russian Physicist, who is also former colleague of his father has blue prints to the arc reator as well. He built himself a suit of iron and is the primary antagonist of this film, Whiplash. Then you know what happened. The bad guy went to find the good guy XD.
Whiplash is going to kick someone's ass...

(I won't go on narrating on the fighting scenes as you have to watch it yourselves for the thrill =D)

Whiplash loses to Stark and was placed in jail. But Justin Hammer freed him in order to gain Whiplash team work in producing the Iron Man suit to oust Startk Enterprise. Little that Justin knew that Whiplash was double-crossing him, by taking full advantage of the resources.

As the paladium continues to poison Stark's blood, he searches for a substitute for it. Little that he knows that his father already hidden everything he wants to tell his son in original diorama of the 1974 Stark Expo.

To synthesize the new element, Stark builds an accelerator that channels protons to another element. And pretty much drama occurs here and there until the final fight between Whiplash and Stark happens again. But the fight did not lasted very long though...

The story ends with Stark kissing his personal assistant Pepper Potts on the roof.

The end

(Actually I find it quite hard to write this movie critic. Maybe the scene shifts too fast, I don't know. And I left out Scarlett Johansson and Don Cheadle)

Deserves 5/5 star, especially for a super hero movie. Great soundtracks, cool fighting scenes. Awesome technology( don't know whether it exists today or not) and definitely one of the best movie of ther year, I predict ;=)

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