Sunday, May 30, 2010

Prince Of Persia The Sands Of Time preview

*Screams in delight!!!

This is what I call an action-packed movie! Fighting scenes, acrobatic stunt moves, romance, humour, fresh new different plot... Feel free to read. DO NOT PROCEED AS I WILL REVEAL THE SPOILERS!!!

The story started off with the protagonist, Dastan a street urchin fending off the King's army when some controversy is stirred. Amazed by Dastan' courage, the King took Dastan back to his palace and gave him a family. Thus came to the reknowned Prince Dastan, the Lion of Persia.

In the present, the Persian army invaded the holy city of Alamut, which was suspected to be making and supplying weapons to Persia's enemy. Dastan accidentaly stumbled upon the Dagger of time, which can be used as a time travelling device.

The King came to Alamut to celebrate the victory. Prince Tus, Dastan's royal brother gave Dastan a robe to be presented to their father. Little that he know that the robe was poisoned. The King died when he put on the robe, which led to the accusation of Dastan for the killing of the King.

With the help of Princess Tamina, Alamut's princess, Dastan fled away. Then he slowly came to know about the power of the dagger. The plot then turns funny when both Dastan and Tamina started back stabbing each other to hold control of the dagger. But then slowly Dastan started to know about the truth of the dagger and vowed to help the Princess to give back the dagger to the Gods. Legend said that once upon a time the human race was so corrupted that it enraged the Gods. To punish human, a large sandstorm was whipped up to wipe out human civilization, only for one girl to stop the wrath of the Gods. Thus the sand storm was kept in a glass hidden some where beneath Alamut, and this is also the very sand to activate the time- travelling dagger.

Ah.. Princess Tamina.. <3>
The actual killer of the king was his own brother, Nizam. Nizam once saved his brother's life during a hunting trip and he intends to use the dagger to go back to the time he saved his brother, this time letting him die so that he can be king himself. After succeeding in stealing the dagger and finding the glass of magical sands he then stabs it to turn back time. Dastan managed to stop the time turning event which resulted him transported back to the time Persia breached Alamut. Now knowing that his evil uncle's scheme, he exposed his uncle's treachery, which in the end saved his father and his kingdom...

Definitely 5 *. Great soundtracks and stunt moves. Everything in a one and a half an hour movie. WATCH IT!!!

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