Saturday, May 15, 2010

Why Did I Named This Blog Jpthedarkknight

15th May 2009 was the first day it started, the day I made my vow, that I would stand strong and face life bravely. It is the day that I promised myself never to let you ruin my life. I know that holding on will result me in a prolonged pain. So it is that day we finally lost touch and contact.

During these one year, there are days where I cursed the way you treated me, the things you did. But that of course caused me greater pain. I even disregard you as a friend any more.

That was the old me. As I live along, hatred itself seems to vanish by itself. Maybe I'm the kind with good temper and easily forgiving, I'm not sure of that myself either. It is this year, I learned and grew a lot. Not by means of growing physically, but the most important aspects, as in thinking, thoughts and mentality.

From what I see now, we were in love. A puppy love. A strong yet special puppy love. We did nothing like lovers do, yet we did do things that lovers sometimes do not do. You were the far-sighted one. Maybe you'd realised earlier than me that keeping each other the way we want would be difficult and maybe our personalities don't really match.

You chose a cruel way to end this. But deep inside to do such a thing is never easy...

Today is the day of that new beginning. The day the dark knight left Gotham City and retired from his super hero status. The day the dark knight resigned from being the dark angel that guards over Gotham City. The day I finally stop thinking of, YOU...

I ain't no Dark Knight any more =D

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