Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Knowledge and Wisdom

What is Knowledge? What is Wisdom?

Knowledge is gained from books and other media
Wisdom is gained by self-actualization

One teaches you right and wrong
One makes you realize that the world is more than just right and wrong

One you have to read through or gain it through hardwork
One you can gained by just closing your eyes and realize it

Knowledge leads a man to the pinnacle, the top
Wisdom make sure a man does not stray from the righteous

Knowledge makes a man see the world
Wisdom makes the whole world see a man

Knowledge helps you pass your exams
Wisdom helps you survive and live your years in this world

A knowledgeable man may not have wisdom
But a man with wisdom will have suffice knowledge

Knowledge makes you a specialist
Wisdom makes you a leader and ruler

The majority of the richest men in this world aren't knowledgeable; they either dropped out or stopped schooling(example Bill Gates, Steve Jobs) . In the end, they end up becoming tycoons with multi-billion property and company with knowledgeable individuals helping them out.

So are you a smart, or a self-realisation person? =D


the unknown said...

u're trying to segregate knowledge and wisdom when each connect to the other.

knowledge is what you know and wisdom is what revelation tells u.

knowledge helps u gives u alternatives at work but wisdom gives u a hunch on what is best.

u need knowledge to have wisdom.

having wisdom without knowledge is like a man who picks out solutions from thin air.

instead of using reductionism perhaps you should look at things more holistically. :P

nuff said.

jpthedarkknight said...

no doubt wisdom and knowledge are similar in many ways, but in the end, there are differences. I'm proving that there are differences in these two rather than believe that these two are just synonyms. Note that I did say that a man with wisdom must also have knowledge but not the other way round. Nice comment though. Love your response!

jpthedarkknight said...

And, those who pick solutions without knowledge isn't called wisdom, IT's CALLED GUT INSTINCTS!! XD

the unknown said...

i think everyone knows the two aint the same. the thing is, how r they different?

And, those who pick solutions without knowledge isn't called wisdom, IT's CALLED GUT INSTINCTS!! XD


u cant pick out solutions from thin air with gut instinct. u can make decisions out of thin air, but not solutions.

jpthedarkknight said...

How different they are is already proven and said by me. A decision that has been proven to be efective is thus the solution. How will you know a decision will be a solution when a decision has not been proven to be a solution? A solution is a decision that in the ends solves all problems. A man can't have wisdom without knowledge, but there are those misusing their knowledge for their own personal gains, which what I call lack of wisdom. Knowledge is the realization of the things God created in it's manner, and wisdom is the understanding of something in God's perspective. That's why a person with wisdom is always the "WISE" one..

the unknown said...

:P ok, u cant define a something as a solution based on the degree of 'proof' it maintains.

why? quite simply because rational proof is subjective. a problem that is perceived to be solved by a particular solution may appear worthless to another opposing party.

hence, if we can only define X as a solution if it has been proven to solve problem P, then an impasse, a deadlock will be created due to the subjectivity at hand. hehe

i do agree that knowledge is the understanding of things via its nature and 'true' wisdom emulates that of God's desire.

jpthedarkknight said...

Ah finally we reached an agreement! Nice forum here huh! XD
I have nothing more to say nor to condemn your point of views to sparkle another war of words =P

the unknown said...

lol yeah. a consensus finally. :P