Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kaspersky Bachelor Security

If you are looking for something regarding anti-virus, you can navigate away right now...

Back to the main topic

Yes. I currently have this anti-relationship software installed, since the "last nightmare". I vowed never to get hurt again, vow never to do something stupid again, and cry for nothing.

Good thing about this software is, it gave me 2 years of one hell of a single life. Along the road, there have been crushes, but it all went by and passed by smoothly, just like when you insert an infected thumb drive into your computer, the anti-virus sounds an alarm and most of the time, succeeds in removing the malicious malware.

Bad thing is, I feel that it's expiry date is around the corner...

Worse part of it, I think I found a "virus", who I would willingly let it take over my system...



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