Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Law Of Ueki (植木の法则) review

Few days ago, I finally finished this 51 episodes-anime, The Law of Ueki. And my, was it a fabulous one!

Plot of the story is roughly about, the current God of Heaven wants to pick a new candidate to succeed him. Among the so called "deities", who are chosen as one of the candidates, must choose a high school student ( or roughly someone in that age) as a contestant of a fighting tournament, giving him or her a specific power or ability, and fight other contestants. The winner of the tournament is granted a "blank zai" or blank talent, which grants the winner any talent he or she wants. The deity in charge of the tournament winner would hence succeed as the new God.

Ueki using his ability

Ueki was one of the contestants. His deity in charge was Kobayashi, his home room teacher. Kobayashi never did wanted to become a God. In Ueki's case, he was actually testing Ueki's justice by trying to give him an ability. At first Ueki declines to have powers. But after a demonstration which Kobayashi destroyed a tree, Ueki asked for a power which can turned rubbish bits into trees.

Plot goes on to which Ueki is revealed as a Heavenly Being ( as in someone who lives in Heaven) but is thrown down to Earth by his father in order to win the tournament for himself ( Ueki's biological father thought of choosing him as his candidate for the tournament) but unfortunately, he was not chosen as a candidate. As a Heavenly being, Ueki can use the 10 treasures ( weapons used for offences and also defences).

Climax of the anime is of course the battle at Heaven. Ueki made up his own tag team, and was one of the few teams allowed to continue the tournaments further. Although his group members were relatively much weaker than the other teams, however with team work, believe and trust, they miraculously got to the final stage, battling Anon, a Hellion ( the opposite of a Heavenly Being).
Anon, the ultimate antagonist

All's well does ends well. Ueki defeated Anon, and in the end, went back to his old life as a high school student, with of course, a talent of his choice... =)


EeYuen said...

i love this anime too~ =)

jpthedarkknight said...

nice nice nice!!!!

sulinnn said...

sweet! i did not follow this anime closely but watched here and there when my siblings do....arrrr memories :)

jpthedarkknight said...

hahaha... the nice thing about it, it is so environmental conscious =)