Monday, October 25, 2010

Questioning Men's Point Of View On Religion

Almost one week I posted. Again it's a sudden update. This is a very abrupt post. And it might be sensitive. But be assured that at the end of the day, I mean no harm and this is only MY POINT OF VIEW.

No doubt, everyone has their own believes and religions. It doesn't matter if you're an atheist, Buddhist, Muslim or what so ever. Each and everyone has their own God or deities, which may differ, but when it comes to moral values and the path of righteousness, most of the time, it is the SAME.

However, about a month ago, I did found out some unbelievable facts. It seems that for some religions, if you're not a follower, or do not believe in the same God as they do, you are bound to Hell. ( In layman terms, if you believe their God, then welcome to Heaven)

I personally find that quote or statement or requirement, bizarre! Just because of a belief, one can book his place into the gates of Heaven, even though he or she has sinned more than a none believer!

But halt, wait! Was that stated by the religion? Is there any saying that proofs the believe of the One True Creator guarantees the passage to the Garden of Eden?

Or merely, there are the words of Men, who long time ago, manipulated the minds of non-believers to spread religion?

If God really did know that The Earth circled around the Sun, then why did Nicoulas Copernicus was condemned to death by You-Know-Who? And they did it in the name of THEIR GOD!
The man who postulated a comprehensive heliocentric cosmology,
Nicolaus Copernicus

Similarly the 9/11. It was done in the NAME OF GOD!

Hell, did God ever wanted you to do that?

Or, is it what YOU wanted, and put the words into YOUR GOD'S MOUTH, and made it look like what HE said...

Food For Thought...

ps* If it is true that I am destined to Hell for not embracing certain religion's God, then I will take Death and the passage to Hell like a Man. At least, I won't be going there alone...

I fear not Death nor Hell. =)

Peace. And mean no disrespect. If any statements are harsh or proved wrong, please do rectify and a thousand apologies. Again, I meant no harm...


edeN said...

well, i believe ages ago when 邪教 is all around, they used this kind of thinking to make their people stay away from those religion. however in modern world there are some idiots who emphasize the non-important part of their religion and neglect the important part of the religion. religion give people a guide on how to think, not a must on what to do.

jpthedarkknight said...

true true true! Luckily I'm not one of them XD

Anonymous said...

Dark Knight, unwise to comment on what is unknown...God works in ways u cannot fathom. Man alwiz try to ignore God & live as Man like. If Man just by opening up Man's heart, then will Man find God waiting to guide Man's life (if the Man is humble & not ignorant)...our live on earth is temporary, but afterlife is everlasting :)

jpthedarkknight said...

dear anonymous, I comment not of the unknown, but on the truth. I question Men's point of view on religion, never had I question God in any way. Your comment, is rather out of the topic though ;=)

please, do give me solid proof or facts, that I have said wrongly in my post =)