Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Words of Wisdom

Love is like a butterfly, the more you want it, the more elusive it is to get it; Problems are like mosquitoes, the more you hate them, the more they SUCK!



sulinnn said...

*like* earlier got typo

jpthedarkknight said...

haha.. thanks for the like. I removed it already... Do you know how to insert like buttons in to post?

sulinnn said...

Idk le...can we? maybe u cn try to fiddle with the HTMl, ask in the blogger forum...oh and I like your kaspersky virus post too...very indirect message! WOOT I want to learn to post this kind of message too!!!

jpthedarkknight said...

hahaha... it's consider direct already... It's just that I used Kaspersky as a metaphor.. ;)