Sunday, January 16, 2011

On Horoscopes - The 13th - Ophiucus

Another post on horoscopes. Although I state it clear again, that I don't really believe in them, but I do think, that they do play a part in life. A small part. A part we call, FATE.

Now recently, there is a controversy. The 13th zodiac, Ophiucus, arises and somehow thwarts our believe in our original horoscopes. There might be a shift and breakdown of the calender, causing some of us to a changed horoscope.
Ophiucus, the snake annoyer. Guess he's annoyed plenty of you people.. XD

I know many people are kinda sad with this situation. Some even distress. I'm not saying that you should not be. Hell I'm a proud Aries myself, and suddenly you want me to be a Pisces? Be a fishy guy? NO WAY! I'm a sheep for life. A CUTE ONE TOO! XD

But when it comes to luck, destiny, I do not believe a single thing about it. Okay when it comes to prevention, I somehow earmark it. Hell I do not even read the daily horoscopes now like I used to. But I'd do go through the yearly one's if they are posted on Facebook.

Why I don't believe? Why should you not believe too much of it? Each horoscope spans for around 1 month. So that means you share the same fate, luck destiny with all of those who are born in the same month. Okay for you maybe a month is nothing. But logically speaking and making assumptions, you WILL share the same fate with 1/12 the population of the entire Earth's population. If you picked up a 5 dollar bill today because of your luck, does that mean the rest of the 1/12 population will pick up money too? Think again.

Many people think that greatness is born with life. If you are born a leader, you will be a leader. EXCEPTION HERE! I'm the odd Aries who prefers to be a follower rather a leader. I'm not the one with fiery temper that would be ablaze easily you to hell everytime you piss me (but please don't make me angry, that would be the last thing you'd wanna do XD).

Yes. Every horoscope has its own strengths, and weakness. So what if I were to changed and improved on my weaknesses. Will that make me an alien of all the Aries? Would I need to change my horoscope to the one's that fit my new personality? No. I'm born as an Aries. I will die as one too. No matter how I may "mutate" as I improve or change in my whole life.

Some people rely on their horoscopes to shape their personality. I wouldn't say that it is wrong. But to actually want to act like the mold of your horoscope is actually quite dumb and illogical. If your horoscope signals today as a day where you'll have a windfall, would you invest your money into competitions, or bet them and really believe in luck? Or maybe you'll spent your whole day searching the ground for that 10 cents to justify the horoscope's claim?

No doubt luck plays a role in life. But one's destiny and course can be easily altered, if you realise how great you can be. Be the master of your life, and not let others be your master. Aladdin would not have be a prince if he continued his life as a street rat. He need not be a brave courageous Aries to be the hero that in the end vanquish Jaafar and be Jasmine's fiance. So does Hercules.
Aladdin. Brave, courageous. One of my favourite characters =)

Always remember. Winners make their own luck. Random luck can be do without. But when it comes around, be sure to HOLD IT TIGHT and make the use of it!

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