Monday, January 10, 2011

What happened last week?

A week has passed since the start of my new life at KL. It's my internship semester. I'm 'lucky' to say that I was chosen to join food manufacturing giants Macfood, who are solely in charge of Mcdonald's franchise raw ingredients all over Malaysia, Singapore, Middle East and some other countries as well... Think of the capability and the production volume to cater for such a humongous market!

As I had promised myself, more photos! ORIGNAL SELF TAKEN PHOTOS! Let the pictures do the talking ;)

The dress code to enter the production line. It's a must to obey the GMP (Good Manufacturing Process)

One of the trial project which I'm involved in. It's called the lettuce head soak. I call it the head shower. XD Temperature of chilled water at 4 degress Celsius!

LETTUCE! The shreds that you find inside every McDonald's burger. Handpicked and packed. ALL TOUCHED BY ME!!! XD

Proof that it's all done by hand...

I did not have the chance to take photos from the burger and chicken patty line. Hopefully in the future! More photos can be found here

Weekend was also well spent. Saturday morning was a hiking trip up Bukit Saga. Surely one of the most challenging hikes of my life! No photos are available as bringing a phone on a hiking trip is sometimes a burden... Up there, are retired oldies who enjoyed nature's gift. They built simple huts up there, and lived half of their days on top. Ah, what a way to live a retired life!!

Then Sunday was a trip to Ampang TTDI, where a housing project is on it's final touch ups. Managed to snap a few wonder photos from a model house...

One of the bedrooms...

The TV room or lounge on the second floor

The master bedroom (only a portion of it!)

The cute baby room~!! *personally like it a lot!

Study room

seashell themed second floor... beautiful!

A shot of the garden surrounding the house

What a well spent week it was. It was also hectic, but at least, that week, definitely opened my eyes and senses!! =)

More to come, more to share! Stay tuned!

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