Saturday, September 24, 2011


Defined as a law or rule that has to be followed, and under no matter what circumstances shall it be negated nor neglected.

Science has it's own principles.

So does life.

A person with principle can never go bad in life. That again if we assume the principles in his or her mind are the good ones.

Love also has it's own principles. And of course, it has one of the vast array of them.

Normally, as we are all mortals, we usually uphold the normal sayings or principles or cliche sayings when it comes to love principles.

1. Love has no right and wrong

I myself have been trying to take this saying or principle into a test. And there are times where I swiched sides along the way. But in the end, up till this very day, I still believed that love has it's right and wrong. It will always end when one or both individuals have comitted something wrong that cannot be forgiven, or maybe it was out of something so small that the other person could not even forget... Whoever breaks the tie in a relationship, is ALWAYS wrong. Nuff said.

2. Fate
Sounds so like some romance love story. I for one never believe in fate. Our paths are not fated to be what they are. Rather it is up to us to shape our own destiny. But maybe people nowadays just watch too much love drama... "I'm sorry, we're not just meant t o be together." Hello? This is a real life scenario, not some lovey dovey story. Besides, chances are he or she will never get back to you after you've said that. It's definitely one of the lamest and most unsophisticated reason of all...

Okay I don't know why I blurted out so much crap that I never intend to write, but I guess it was some way to finally get to make me say what I want to say.

My principles of my own LOVE life (which haven't occured yet)

1. Like ->Love = Loyalty

Of course. At first you start having a crush on someone. Then you like him or her. Then probably you get deeply and madly in love. But then again, feelings do somehow weakened and gets diluted as time goes by. This is where loyalty comes in. Our fathers and mothers have done miraculous efforts to maintain their relationship (well mine does!) compareed to nowadays where it is much easier to keep in touch with each other but then relationships seem so much more fragile.

For me, if I really like a girl, then there is no point considering other girls. No plan B nor plan C. Just plan A. Even though at times, plan A may be deemed to fail. But I'd still hang on to plan A. No backing off and letting go. No. My heart and head just doesn't allow that.

2. NO 3rd party

One of the principles that seldom adhered by others. Most people don't care about it. They come, they like, they conquered and they snatch. And a lot of relationships end because of 3rd party involvement with one of the individuals who are already in a relationship. Plus relationships nowadays are so weak and fragile, it's almost like no big deal someone breaks up and gets on with another person. Well no not for me.

I will never gatecrash someone's relationship. Even if it's gonna hurt.

But then again, gatecrashing a relationship is not a sin. It's just a choice to be a better man rather than some animal who are merely following their feelings and lust, should I say?
I myself have had crushes on girls who were in a relationship. And I felt proud that I chose not to gatecrash.

And to that special girl who has been running around my head since the first day we've met, you can count on me. I'll be willing to give up my final year at my University aka the sea, where there are a thousand of girls aka fishes swimming around waiting to be caught.

Because I choose you... :)

Well let's just see how I can cope with it for one year... ;)

Readers, wish me luck and strength!!!

그리워해요 공주님...

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