Monday, January 6, 2014

2014 New Year Resolution


1.       LOSE WEIGHT
 My weight has been up again. Boohoo! It’s been up to a maximum limit I had once achieved. Due to an unbalanced lifestyle and some very infrequent exercise, my BMI is over the limit.

1.       From January onwards, substitute lunch with oats or maybe cornflakes.
2.       Eat less for dinner. Half a serving of rice will do. Increase intake in vegetables and avoid over eating meats and oily stuff.
3.       Run daily after work. Target to run at least 3 km daily. A 10km run per weekend is mandatory.
4.       Morning and night work outs. Do the pumps, pushups and crunches. Start from 20 each, increasing 10 fold each day. Maximum of 50 pumps and pushups per round. Wake up at 6am during weekdays so that you complete your workout cycle in time before work.

Projection of Results
Target to lose at least 5kg before Chinese New Year. That would be around 1kg per week. Around 1500cal a day.
Target to lose a cumulative 10kg by end of February.

RM100 to be credited into a new account, dubbed the “posh and fancy” account. This means I get to spend the money I’ve earned as a reward on luxury items without feeling bad of overspending.

Stakes and Punishment
Post a status on facebook asking for anyone to ask ANY question (limit 3), and to answer it honestly as a status. And no dinner for a week.

2.       6 PACKS
Wanting to have 6 packs and a fit body has always been badgering and appearing on my resolutions year after year. Sure there were times that I was almost there. But most of the time, nope. It does not even deserve to have it posted.

1.       Keep up with the crunches, pushups and pumps as per mentioned. But first you gotta find the full work out schedule of it
2.       If by May 2014 there are no feasible results, then you would have to join gym. Say bye bye to your money

Projected Results
Visible results in weight loss and muscle gain. All has to done by December 2014.

RM300 into the “posh and fancy” account. And go ahead to post your well built body in facebook and instagram.

Stakes and Punishment
Post your flabby body on to facebook with your face. You’ve failed and you deserved to be shamed.

3.       SLEEP
Get 6 hours max on weekdays. Up to 7 hours are allowable on weekends. Try to not get a siesta for more than 25 times a year. Should you get a siesta, keep it not more than 1 and a half hour. Could be managed and charged under normal sleep under negotiable circumstances.

An extra 30 minutes of movie or games. Preferably movies

Stakes and Punishment
Do an extra 100 hand pumps and 50 push ups.


Took up German via Duolingo. Am at level 2 at the moment.

1.       At least 2 Lessons daily.
2.       Scour the internet for additional info 

Projected Results
Master basic German by May 2014


Stakes and Punishment

2.       READING
Preferably a wide array of genres. But it must include “Health”, “Self Improvement” daily. A chapter each will suffice. Then you’re free to read whatever you like.

1.       Read at least 30 pages of reading material daily. You can include any online articles (excluding 9gag)
2.       At least something on health and self improvement or something that is new and something to capture in L.I.F.E

Projected Results
1200 pages read for the year 2014. In terms of books, 30 of them.

Buy a book of your liking at any price. You love books more than your money. No big deal right?

Stakes and Punishment
Don't like reading your books? Give 5 of them away to someone.

3.       MUSIC
Practice at least 1 hour weekly. That includes learning a new song. No goals are set as learning a song can be too complicated beyond words for me.
Review this when you have the chance to slot in guitar.

4.       SPIRITUAL
Pick up meditation and reiterate your goals and targets.

Self Improvement
1.       Speak your mind, but make sure you speak after thinking. Voice out your thoughts more often. Don’t  be a Yes-man. Be brave and have more courage.
2.       Think creatively and out of the box more often. Get ideas influx from the net and through reading. Make your thinking and ideas exciting and mind blowing.
As a son, family member and a relative
1.       Communicate more with family. I notice I spend a lot of time in my room and laptop. Although I have been improving since end of last year but I want to improve further. Make an effort to hold conversations with aunts, uncles and cousins.
2.       Phone back home more often (weekly) to talk with grandparents. I seldom do that. Yeah Grandpa and Grandma deserve more attention from me.
3.       Visit KL grandparents more often. Once every 3 weeks or once every 2 weeks.
4.       Phone back home more often to talk with parents (weekly). Will try to Skype weekly. Time to learn from my brother.
As a human being
1.       Be involve with something that does good to mankind, around 1 acts of kindness a month. This could be volunteering or giving a donations – any form of help that help brings a smile to others.

Have the discipline to end your work. Go back home NOT MORE THAN 8.30pm TWICE a week.  On Fridays leave on 5pm sharp, LATEST on 6pm. Have a total working hour per week of less than 55 hours.

Very obvious. Free time for what you want to do. Good stuffs.

Stakes and Punishment
You like work so much? So spend the following day at work until 9pm. Ermygod! T^T

I think I have cut down a lot of my gaming time these days. But it would be better if I can monitor myself and control myself even more. 

1.       For pure entertainment based games, maximum 2 hours, but equally spread out, especially during the weekends.

Treat yourself to that good meal (once every 2 months)

Stakes and Punishment
Run 13 km when you should be running 10km for one week. And no internet for 1 week.

-          Dare to fall in love
-          Finish 2 marathons, if possible a full marathon
-          Search for other platforms to further showcase and mould yourself into the person you want to be



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