Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Number Game

Bet most of you guys heard of it! You give someone who's "hosting" the game a number, and this person is going to write what he or she thinks about you.

So here's what I got from a friend of mine

I was kinda moody and feeling empty upon returning from UK. I saw a lot and I'd say part of my dreams changed course after being there for a mere 13 days.

I loathed coming back. But upon receiving this from a dear friend, I picked up that much needed courage, which I hope is suffice to help me face my first day back at work, for the year 2014.

And yeah scum bug heart of mine, apparently you've loosen your grip and let someone into you again. 

It has been such a long time since I had this type of feelings boggling and troubling me.

But then on the bright side, it proofs that I'm very much straight (oh no, I just let out that it's a GIRL my heart is yearning for).   

And that puts in another reason to look forward to 2014. Either its gonna be another heart wrenching experience to get over, or finally someone to break my relationship duck - it's something to look forward to, aye?

I appreciate what was written for me, thanks mate (if you're reading this). I am indeed living part of my dream. That big dream to travel the world got ignited in the year 2013. I just got to make my dream bigger and better :)

Happy New Year Ong Joo Parn, and may this be a good year for you.



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