Saturday, January 4, 2014

Post UK Trip Thoughts In A Nutshell

They say time passes faster if you're happy. True but not so though.

Cause agreeing to that would make me admit that I'm super happier during my work then having a vacation.

15 days away. Strictly speaking though just 13 days of exploring UK, minus the time on the plane - its not a long period, but neither short.

How is it possible that for this 13 days, I've learned and seen so much.

I've changed. In terms of being realistic. In terms of setting dreams. For the better I guess.

I may not have found courage like Bilbo Baggins (or a ring), but I see how things are in reality, in a different country and perspective.

1 year ago I dismissed the thoughts of being complacent to work and live in my comfort zone, Taiping. I took up the offer and challenge to brave Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.

One year passed. My dreams got bigger. Can I make it to one of the top cities in the world?

Food for thought. Time is ticking. Make it count!

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