Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Angels and Demons

Ever wonder or noticed that sometimes, the evil side of us can be more possessive and dominant...

We are human. Vessels where good wages evil inside our head. Sometimes we make mistakes. Break a rule or a law. Because it may seem irrelevant. But it could make a whole lot of differences.

Not to be harsh on the word "evil", a better word would be to "shine" on your weakness. Something you're not known for doing. Being quiet for a talkative guy. Being stupid for a smart guy.

Recently I've been quite at the mercy of my devilish side. I've screwed up my discipline timetable. I come back from work late. I miss doing my daily pushups. I stop exercising daily. I stop reading that minimum required page of reading material.

Put simply, I slack.

Now I know why resolutions are hard to keep. Even with a plan in hand.

Someone please purge the demons outta me... 

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