Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Game Of Thrones

If you haven't watch it, you'd be wondering why people are so crazy about it.

I was there too myself. Personally I watched twice, both stopping and skipping to other dramas or movies for my "movie time" slot.

Well mainly because I previously downloaded crappy resolutions and had to find the subtitles myself for each friggin' episode. Which turns me off.

But then when my pals got hooked and kept on pestering me to watch it, I took up the initiative to download HD (1080 is my minimum requirement :p ).

Then episode by episode, you find yourself submerged into the world of the Seven Kingdoms. Each episode lasts almost an hour. Previously I had this rule that only allows me to watch half an hour of show and spend the rest of my time reading and learning German. But dang Game Of Thrones spoiled my plans. After 1 hour of drama, dinner etc. it's almost time for bedtime already!

How good is it? Well not only the plot is brutally ever changing. If you were to watch and have some thoughts of it, you'd realized that the Seven Kingdoms exist in our reality. You see people conjuring all types of trickery and malice to get what they want. You see how power is exerted. You see how loyalty is actually something to take advantage of.

It can be quite sadistic. Well it's based upon a magical medieval time where dragons reign, knights fight, king lay siege to neighboring territories. Moral ethics are of minimal. But that doesn't mean it promotes violence.

There are still honorable men to look up on. I personally like Robb Stark. And admire Tyrion Lannister's shrewdness. Somehow it amazes me on how men like them goes along with the story. Will the writer kill them off? Still a big question.

One good lesson that we can see in Game of Thrones is, life is indeed unpredictable. I'm sure everyone was shocked when a character we perceived to be a protagonist gets killed off. That's not something you see always in a movie.

Game of Thrones is unique in a sense that, it's pretty much vary on the angle you look at a character. It's not just as straight forward good versus evil. It's much more than that.

I'm still lagging behind (currently still at Season 2). But at the rate I'm watching I'll catch up with the latest episode in no time.

Perhaps then I'll finally kick start back my German lessons... Sigh...  

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