Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Forgotten Poem

How I wish I was Davy Jones

With that eerie cracking tone

With my ship mates and my friends

All aboard the Flying Dutchman

Why I would want to be like him?

Cos he has no heart it seem

Long has he been hurt by love

So it was sealed like a treasure trove

Or do I look more like double O seven

With wine and women anywhere is heaven

But the only love Bond has seen

Is in the name of Vesper Lynd

Resign from 007 for her

Hope to preserve a love forever

Never knew that she was a liar

Broke Bond’s heart never mended forever

Love hurts me, grinds me

For taking away she I cannot see

But you where the sad part is

Is her calling herself His

I try to forget, delete, erase

But it was you that made me amaze

How in the world would I ever face

Without that smile on your face

Since the last time we met

News from you keep making want to be dead

But in the end I rise again

With that thought that we will see each other again

I mend my heart over and over

Yet never able to find a new lover

It’s the truth till now I cannot cover

I love you xxx forever and ever

That was the me last time, the me when I was love sick... LOL... It took me 15 minutes to come out with this... I just thought, well, since this is the last poem I wrote about love, just post it to get my loyal blog readers' comments...^^


sulin said...

why not try to submit your poems to the STAR under the Youth Section?

jpthedarkknight said...

that sounds like a good idea... hahaha.. will try to...thanks^^