Saturday, July 4, 2009

Start Of Second Year

Holidays finally came to an end
Mountains of notes I have to fend
Problems in study I have to tend
Study groups together we tend

I will miss my mum's cooking
And of course also her nagging
Last time giving the piano a drumming
Till holidays once again coming

So sad, only one time of durian
This made my holidays so kelian

Life is always on a run
Out goes the moon, in comes the sun
I hope I won't be seeking for fun
When my homework is not yet done

A new life, a new sem begins
Insert virtue, dispose sins
Brimming full, not an empty tin
Say it again:" I can win!"

I'm once again in my poetry mood. So far when life is down. I found that it is effective to calm down and look at things the different perspective. Sad. I have to blog on Microsoft Office before uploading it every week due to the "noobness" of so-called APEX USM... It's gonna be tough next semester. But that is life. It keeps getting tougher and tougher... Gambateh!


gackyz said...

what course are u taking?

jpthedarkknight said...

food technology, heard that before? anyway, to me, its just a degree... what i'm want to be is definitely not lab work for the rest of my life..

sulin said...

gambateh! what does a food technologist do?

jpthedarkknight said...

well, we develop new food, make sure food company's product are standardize, bla bla bla...XD