Sunday, November 7, 2010


"Miracles happen to those who believe them. It is not a gift if it happens. It is our will, that makes it happen! Have faith and believe, in miracles! "




sulinnn said...

when i read your statement, it felt like a slogan or tag line from Christians. Just an honest opinion.

On a side story, apparently my will isn't strong enough. During the raffles for the MacBookPro and Ipad, I wanted to get them so badly that I wished so hard and kept visualization it but the miracle of obtaining it didn't happen. :(

jpthedarkknight said...

i wanted to say it wasn't a gift from God should it happen... But... you know how "racist" that might sound... XD

You should get them though. They're definitely cheaper over there, and if it's JPA money, why ponder? =p

sulinnn said...

oh well i'm waiting for next summer to buy cz they will have updates on it plus it comes with a free Ipod. Ipad I will wait till a better version comes along