Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lesson Learnt While Jogging

Study tension is rising. I have to admit, that for this semester, I haven't did my usual preparation. Even if there was any preparation, I'd have to say that I wasn't very serious.

You reap what you sow. If you haven't been nurturing your plants from the start of the semester, you can't expect to see them bearing fruits now. As the semester goes on, from second year to third year and so on, it gets tougher. More care, discipline and effort have to be put in.

Enough of the self lecturing. And enough of trying to repent what could not be undone. Time is nearly up. Yet I have been fretting and moaning about the time left and the stack of notes that haven't really left a clear imprint inside my noob brain. I cursed the notes and myself, until I'd really lost hope and interest in what I study.

I went for a jog. In fact I just came back and started this post. I set myself a target to run 5 rounds around the stadium track, the outer most track, in a maximum and consistent speed. On the second lap, I saw a group of students playing football at the field. My heart went:" Stop the jogging, join them. Do what you want and like!"

But then, another voice echoed:'You came here to jog. Although football is preferably your interest, but once you set out to do something, you must have the heart and will to finish it or complete it."

I kept running. In fact running with new found power and speed.

And right after I finish my 5 laps, I went and join them. Although there was barely any time left, I touched and held the ball most of the time, and I made no mistakes while playing...

Lesson learnt:"Never give up what you started to do. Although it seems hopeless and an impossible task, but never fail to achieve the importance of the something you do - Try your best"

Study mood, here I COME!!!

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