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Q&A On The Blogger Himself, Jpthedarkknight And His Blog Diaries Of The Untold =p

The one and only, -Jpthedarkknight-

We were fortunate that we were able to interview the author himself, on his blog, the Diaries Of The Untold. Below is the full account of the interview.

Q: Hello jpthedarkknight. It's a pleasure that you are able to spend your time on this interview. We are know that this is your exam week, and the fact that you are still willing to sacrifice time for this makes us grateful.
A: Oh it's nothing. It's my pleasure too to be able to let my readers know more about me and my
blog. =)

Q: Can I first ask why you started this blog?
A: Actually to be frank, this isn't my first blog. My first blog was my blog at Friendster. That was during my matriculation time. It started with some emotional ramblings. And that's how it went on. What ramblings? Hmm... Ramblings on what I am frustrated on, what I wanted, what I wanted to do. And yeah, on my previous and quite serious crush on XXX.

Q: Oh, that's how it started. Regarding to your present blog, the one we are talking about now. Why Diaries Of The Untold?
A: Hmm. What I write in my blog, usually you don't catch me saying it out during my real life, or feelings that I do not show out. So it's kinda like a place where I pour out my thoughts, my views. Of course they are not always right. But yeah, I do think there are some truths in my thoughts and views. So as it is a blog, which I somehow write what I feel and think, it's like a Diary and the fact that I never tell or say it out loud, certainly makes my blog posts, Untold. And yeah for those who don't read my blog, it forever remains Unknown to them. I specifically chose the word Untold, as whoever does visit my blog, I'm sure that my posts aren't Unknown to them.

Q: Oh I see. Nice title then(self praising my self! OMG XD). So everything you write in your blog, is real? I mean there is no tricks up your sleeves that you might, you know, like shoot someone in the dark or play psychological games?
A: LOL! (rolls eyes and laugh). Like I said. Posts are of my thoughts. My thinking. My view. I don't deny that I may be wearing a mask in life, during MSN chats, and most of all, Facebook, but I dare say that I don't lie here at my blog. It's my space, one place that I created. If anyone does not like it or disagree, they can choose not to visit my blog. And they can't ask me what not to write and tell me what is wrong. Like I said, it's my point of view. That's something you can't really change. But yeah, I welcome suggestions and debates, with manners. And of course, I write with the consideration of not provoking or defaming others. So far there isn't any problem I've encountered that I've write bad things, save one.

Q: What incident was that?
A: Hmm... I wrote a poem saying bad things on one of my friends. I decline to be questioned further on this matter, but if I were to turn back the clock, I'd wish I could stop myself for being that irrational. I wanted to erase that post after realizing my mistake, but another friend of mine suggests that it is better to apologize rather than erase the post and act if like it never happened. So I wrote another poem to apologize. After that incident, I've learned to be more rational, and to think before I write something.

Q: Nobody is perfect. It was a tough one, but surely a good lesson. What separates you with other bloggers? There are so many types of bloggers. Which kind are you?
A: My posts are based on thoughts, my thinking and yeah, my point of view. I think that there aren't much this type of blogger, save those political leaders' blogs. So far I have come across one or two. Most of the blog types I come across are those camwhoring, daily life updates and etc. Not to say I despise or disagree. A blog is created by it's creator and he or she has their own rights to write and decorate it the way they want. It's just that I hope I can read blogs the same type as mine, where opinions and views can be exchanged. You may not know it, but I do learn a lot actually from blogging and reading other people's blog. It's so cool =D

Q: Other than opinions, things and stuff, is there anything more about your blog?
A: I write poems too. It started out as something fun. I came to University Science Malaysia as a sad boy. A lonely boy. A boy still unable to let go of his cruel past. I lived in my room alone. Life was dull and plain. Then one day I tried to write my first poem, Jp The Bard From Kunte Forest . I wrote about the life I was living in. Note that Kunte, the name of the forest I derived, is not coincidental. Inverse the words "Kun-te", you'll get "Tekun", the name of the hostel I am staying. My second poem was on The Lord Of The Rings, The Fellowship Of The Ring . And the poems kept flowing and flowing. To tell you the truth, I'm quite amazed by the flair I have. ;) Guess I did follow what my ex-tuition teacher, Puan Thulasi's advice:" Don't stop writing. It will be a shame and a lost if you stop writing." Ahh, the words of encouragement that strong... And yeah, I kept on writing, although the kind of English I now use is more freestyle (chuckles).

Q: What do you look forward to adding inside your blog?
A: Well, I hope that I could add in some of my own photos. Haha. Yeah, writing about my daily life would be nice, accompanied by photos. They say "a picture speaks a thousand words". What more better to share experiences by showing off brilliant photos? But first, I have to get a decent camera( OMG, hopefully a DSLR). But before that, I need to learn the basics too! Wait till I have the time and money( Have to wait quite long). And yeah, I've been thinking to write a book too! Quite an impossible dream. But that's one of my fantasies and dreams. I haven't started on thinking it but hopefully, the feeling and the writing bug comes and bite me. Oh yeah, I will be opening a new blogspot then for that particular book. But that dream, hmmm, it's still so far from me.... Okay, I'm back to the reality... XD

Q: Thank you for sharing about you and your blog. Hope to see better advancements on you and your blog. Keep up the good work =)
A: My pleasure. Thanks to the support of my blog readers too. Without them, my blog would just be a wall where I scribble... Haha... *shakes hands

And that, was the overall interview. =)

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