Friday, November 19, 2010


Okay this post was supposed to be another Chinese post. But I can't type the whole sentence and just only word by word, which is a hassle. I'll stick in English then... =)

Title translates as "My feelings during the 2 and a half years in USM". I really can't believe that I have passed 2 years plus at Penang. A lot happened during this 2 years.

Let's start from 1st year. I was still a sad and lost boy when I came in. I was still unable to accept the fact that my dream of becoming a doctor was virtually, POOF- gone. And plus the "girl" problem, life was like hell. I was so vulnerable. So lonely. Nobody understood my feelings that time. But in came the new friends that began to take away the gloom of my life. Who cares that I was the only guy in the gang that time... I had the 3 most caring "girl friends" of my life. They were really like sisters to me... Although they forbid me from calling them sisters... XD

Then came second semester. I lived a life of a lazy student. Always playing truants. For no particular reasons. Sometimes to sleep. Sometimes to play games. Miraculously, I still got a GPA above 3.00. God blessed me.

Then came second year. I promised myself it's time to get serious. Time to forget about that 'someone' who does not give a damn to my life. Time to prove that I too, can be one of the cream of the crop. The dream and desire to get a Dean list came. My neighbours saw my studying methods and all thought that I have gone mad. I succeeded in forgetting the girl that was on my mind for an effing 2 years. But I got a crush on someone I should not have. Although there were some good times, I told myself NEVER to be the 3rd party. She became my past and history swiftly. And it sucks that I did not get my wanted Dean list that semester...

2nd year semester came. That dream to get a Dean list burned brighter and brighter. My neighbours say I was even more crazier than last semester. LOL I dunno. Thanks to the distribution of the subject units, I got it, just passing the least requirement =D Dream achieved!

Now half of 3rd year is going up to smoke. I can hope as much as I can, but chances of maintaining Dean is hard. But I'm positive all will pass by smoothly. =D

And I hope it does... =D

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