Friday, May 20, 2011


Some say that home sweet home. Home is everything. Home is where you don't need to hide yourself. A place where you can do what you want.

Not always for me. Sometimes, a home is just like a big cage with love. You mostly get what you want, but in the end you don't have much freedom. You can feed a bird in it's cage with the best food in the world, drink the freshest water, but in the end what matters most is to be granted the freedom to soar above the skies.

Maybe I was brought up in a "cage" where I was given more than enough. I never knew how "flying in the sky" was all about. Internship life changed me. Freedom given to a point where I could misused it, but ended up utilizing it to almost full potential.

Once you get the feeling of flying. Haha. You'll end up wanting to stay in the skies. I start to question the weekends I purposely came home during my university days. In the end, I realised I made a big mistake. Those were the time for me to fly up high. To test myself. To enjoy myself. To grow myself.

Not to say the feeling at home is torturous. But what I want to say is, when the time to fly comes, don't hang on to the cage. Lift your head high and spread your wings.

You'll be amazed by the height and view when you're up there.

*I know I'm still learning. I know what I do probably won't fit in your mind as perfect. But in the end, I'm learning. Learning does not mean following what comes out from your mouth as critics, advices or guidance. It is what I've gone through and realized, that actually makes me learn.

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