Sunday, May 1, 2011

What I dislike and perhaps hate

1. Liars - Even if you lie for the better good. It's still lying. And lying is ALWAYS BAD!

2. Cutting queue - This scenario is most seen in USM when students are getting on the shuttle bus. How I wish I can shout out loud:" EH TAK TAU BERATUR KAH???!!!" and stun all of them.

3. Cheaters - In context to relationship. You have a girlfriend and boyfriend. Then be content and do not flirt around.

4. Weak self defense - It is one's duty to fend off attention of the other sex, when you're already in a relationship. The best way is to totally not let oneself fall to deep when one sense a possibility to run astray.

5. Complicity - When things like 1+1 = 2, you still have people second guessing thinking it as a trick question.

6. Negativity - HATES IT A LOT when people ALWAYS give negativity instead of looking to the positive side. Remember! Positivity creates DRIVING FORCE to move FORWARD! Negativity only halts your improvement.

7. Scandals - Dislike this quite a lot too, when you already have someone special in y0ur mind. And also, if you really wanna pair me up scandalously, do find someone better... Sometimes this does give me nightmares and goosebumps...

8. Bossy - Sometimes there are people who are born to be leaders. But then again, good leaders are also good listeners. Sometimes people just want things their way instead of listening to other people's opinion and feelings.

9. Ignored and neglected - Although I may not be the world's smartest guy, handsomest guy or what so ever, I need no respect, but attention nonetheless. Hates it when you're the last to know everything and ignored when you inquire or do something.

10. Disliking what is above and sometimes doing them - Double standard. Hypocrite.

Rest assured that the only thing I ever do above is cutting queue while waiting for bus. That also is when I'm late for class and with everyone cutting. And again, I DO NOT do it all the time. Most of the time I find myself squeezing in as the last passenger.

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