Sunday, May 29, 2011

UEFA Champions League 2010-2011 Season Finale Review - F.C. Barcelona versus Manchester United F.C.

So hence end another season of football. The Champions League has always been a perfect way to end a season.

However, not so perfect if you are a Man United fan. If you haven't know yet, F.C Barcelona thumped Man United 3-1 to get hold of the Ol' Big Ear trophy - the holy grail of European club football.

So as a Man United fan, it is a heartache to watch the whole match, where we couldn't really match Barca's style of play.

True that the referee was sometimes more prone to make decisions in favour of Barca, but even if we were to put in the best referee in the world, it would not have helped much either. Barca are truly a masterclass.

But then again, the happiest thing about watching Manchester United is not that they are always winning. It's when they get beaten, tossed and turned over, you still love them and are willing to get heartbroken over and over again when they fail to win. I always say I love Man United like a man love his wife.

And I think I've proven that... =)

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