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Pirates Of The Caribbean IV - On Stranger's Tide Review

Finally, another movie worthy on a spot on my blog (LOL!). The forth installment of Jack Sparrow's swashbuckling antics definitely fulfill it's promises for those who yearn for a pirate's life (that will be me~!)

Ready for the synopsis? Here we go~! Don't worry about potential spoilers. The plot is straightforward. Proceed to read all about it.

Story kick starts in a scene where Spanish fishermen caught a man, who claimed to be the crew of Juan Ponce de León in their nets. The man seemed to be alive (after 200 hundred years since Juan Ponce) so they brought the man to their King. Upon meeting the king, the man saved from the sea passed a battered note book to the King, displaying the details of the ultimate location of this movie - The Fountain of Youth.

Words then spread like fire that the Roman Catholic Spanish began their search for the fountain of youth. Meanwhile Captain Jack Sparrow came into the scene as a prisoner who was doomed for the gallows. Never thought Josahmee Gibbs appeared as a replacement while Jack imposed himself as the Head of Justice of the trial. He sentenced Gibbs to life imprisonment so that he could break Gibbs out during the journey. Never thought that the crown forces held him as captive to foil his plans.

Jack was then led to see King George II, who is enraged that the Spanish are actually going to seek the Fountain of Youth. So he pledge Jack help guide an expedition to the location, knowing that Jack has the map. Jack then meets his old nemesis, Barbossa, who turned into a privateer in service of the king and as the captain for the expedition.

Jack escaped from custody and began searching for an imposter that was using his name to search a crew destined for the fountain of youth (which led his location to be known and to be captured before this). He soon finds out that the imposter was actually Angelica, his old love.
The pretty Penelope Cruz as Angelica (Angel in Spanish)

Blackbeard - The pirate all pirates fear

Angelica then set Jack up and brought him aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge, Blackbeard's ship. Angelica is actually the daughter of Blackbeard, the antagonist of this film. Suspecting that Angelica is lying, Jack plots a mutiny with the crew, but foiled at the moment Blackbeard stepped out of his cabin.

"I can point names and say fingers!"

It was then be known that the ritual for the fountain of youth requires the water from the fountain and a tear from a mermaid, drank from the silver chalices of Pounce De Leon. Hence the hunt for a mermaid commences. At Whitecap Bay, Blackbeard and his co managed to capture a mermaid named Syrena after a series of fight with a swarm of man eating mermaid.

Then when all was set, the search for the fountain of youth began. Blackbeard's crew were somehow later than the Spanish when Jack found that the Silver Chalices were missing. But never did he know that Barbossa had already been there waiting for the right moment.
Fountain of Youth, here we come!

Both Barbossa and Jack sneaked into the Spanish camp and stole the chalices. And then Jack led Blackbeard to the fountain of youth with some luck. While Jack surprised Blackbeard by teaming up with Barbossa, who is prophesied to kill Blackbeard, the Spanish arrived to destroy the Fountain of Youth, claiming that no one should live eternally other than God.
Stealing the chalices... SHHHH~~!!

Barbossa stabbed Blackbeard with a poisoned sword, and while Angelica tried to save her father, she accidentally cut herself with the poisoned blade. Jack however saved Angelica in time by tricking Blackbeard into drinking the water that was destined to give up one's soul.

Scene ends where Jack dumps Angelica on an island, while Gosahmee Gibbs got back The Black Pearl from Blackbeard's ship.

The best of the best, has got to be Captain Barbossa. He claims Blackbeard's ship and re-lived his pirating days once again. =)
Captain Barbossa
Plot ***
Acting ***** (Johnny Depp rocks)
Scenes **** (Cool graphics)

Overall ****

Not fantastic, but good enough. Plenty of sword fighting and cannon. Not to mention Queen Anne's flamethrower~!!!

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