Sunday, May 8, 2011


A lot has happened since yesterday. Yes. Yesterday since I went up the Genting with my friends for a final get together session, before I finally end my internship life for good.

Something unexpected happened. Something that led me to rethink. Reconsider. And also changed part of how I feel, and think.

Why can somebody treasure and appreciated you so much, can talk and chat about so many things, while the other can just treat you as nothing, even when it comes to caring.

Why what we talk in one day, be more than what I talk to you in a year?

I have been waiting and waiting for you to change, and somehow mend the ties that was severed due to unforeseen circumstances. But, in the end, it did not kinda happen.

Why did I went and took her number, and changed my 4 month life and perception?

Perhaps it's really time to let go...

Perhaps, you were right...

I deserve better....

*A miracle happened. It changed my perception and the reason that I have been living through this 4 months. Yesterday's night, was undoubtedly, the HAPPIEST DAY for me, in the year 2011...

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