Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Now another film that is a must watch~! Although the concept is singing and dancing, and the rise of a "farm girl" to a well-known performer, the story is much more original and entertaining.

Christina Aguilera stars as Ali, who left a bar she worked in her hometown to pursue her dreams. She arrived at LA and finds work at a club named Burlesque. However, things did not really go smoothly for her as Tess, the owner, currently did not need any recruits and was also unaware of Ali's talent. Ali's hotel was then robbed and she had to stayed in at one of the bartender's house, named Jack.

So chance finally came knocking on the door when one of the dancers have to go on maternity leave. Ali became the substitute. And it was before long that lead singer Nikki kept pissing off Tess that she sent her home and allowing Ali to take Nikki's place. Nikki tried to sabotage Ali's 1st show by shutting off the sound system, since Burlesque focus mainly on dancing and lip syncing songs. But that of course, gave Ali, who sings like a nightingale, a chance to blossom into the club's hottest property.

Ali then caught the eye of entrepreneur Marcus. Marcus was trying to buy Burlesque from Tess so that he can finish his mega construction. Luckily Ali found that out, and saved Tess from selling Burlesque to Marcus because of plunging into debts by asking another entrepreneur to buy Burlesque's air rights to foil Marcus' plan.

And of course, Ali and Jack fell in love along the story, which added romance into the film. Original soundtracks with a fantastic theme, IT IS A MUST WATCH

Guys watch out for Christina. She's smokin hot!

Girls, watch out for Jack. He's the MAN!

Review: Absolutely undoubtedly 5 stars. The movie totally nailed it!

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