Saturday, March 12, 2011

When Disaster Strikes

When disaster strikes, you'll get people all around the world saying they'll pray this and pray that etc.

Note that I am not a religious person. I've give up the fact that God created this world and my fore fathers. I would rather believe the Infinite Monkey Theorem rather than the Watchmaker Anology . However, do not get me wrong that I do not respect other religion. I am actually fascinated by each religion's studies and believes. So I hope you respect my believes too.

One thing I perceive about praying is, even if it is miraculous, no natural disasters would have occurred. Everyday around the world, people prayed, but to what extent must we pray so that we were to avoid "God's Fury"? God was never angry. It was we who reap what we sow. Or probably the destruction of the world is just a ticking time bomb, predicted way back since the Mayans.

Even if praying grants you God's blessing, to pray for something good to happen when a catastrophic event has occurred, only makes thing more impossible. Praying does not turn back the time to avoid an apocalypse, nor does it reduce a full power effect of it. What has happened has happened. Even God can't turn back the time to save us.

If we were to pray, we should have start by doing it EVERYDAY! But do we actually PRAY everyday??? This question's crossfire is of course out of range for the Muslims and Christians, whom I know pray daily and in fact very often. The urge of reaching out to God, when all else fail, is simply humorous. God is not someone you can lean onto when you need Him and someone that does not even appear on your thoughts when you do not need Him.

At least, that is my perception on God.

Praying was never about lamentations to God to reduce a burden or pain endured in life. Nor is it about seek gratification for the lust and desire that one has on his or her mind. It is a personal belief to seek will and strength to cope with the obstacles that we face in life.

How is it possible, that animals in the wild with no religious expertise or believes, are granted with the unique ability to sense danger or natural disasters, sometimes making such a huge migration to evade them, while us humans, the race and organisms blessed by God with intelligence at the top most pinnacle, must rely on Science and Technology to even sense a tsunami in the making?

Food for thought...

*note: I haven't said a single word on praying since mega quake hits Japan. Nor am I going to pray for that, I presume. I too have relatives there. All I can do is actually HOPE, that everyone is safe, for those who are trying to escape Death, actually does escape, and for Japan, to quickly rebuild and resume it's daily events normally.

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