Saturday, March 26, 2011

Earth Hour 2011

It's another Earth Hour day. Unlike the last one last year, which I blog about it here, I actually went through it. But I still stand still to the point.

This year however, I'm gonna go a bit more detailed. Like narrowing the crossfire to something more detailed.

Saving one hour of electricity, is nothing, especially when you are using air conditioner and water heater all the time.

Now when questioned on the world's greatest invention of all time, especially those rich aunties or uncles, no doubt they will answer: AIR CONDITIONER. In fact, the reason they give is it cools the house or room.

Yes it does cool. But how? Did you ever wonder? If you're a kid, you'd probably think that it creates and releases cool air to the room, and you'll be like standing under it to feel the cool breeze (that was what I did when I was small).

Law of Conservation of Energy- Energy can neither be generated nor destroyed. It can only change from one phase or type to another. It can also be transferred if there is a delta or difference between two medium that comes in contact.

In lay man terms, your god damn air cond does not "make" your room cold. It simply transfers the heat in your room to another place, a.k.a. the environment, until there is so little heat left in your room that you feel cold! If an air cond can really "make" a place cold, I suggest that the government or WWF to build a humongous air conditioner, to make global warming an issue of the past, a history to be forgotten.

That's why for me, switching on an air conditioner is the worst sin I could ever have committed. I am proud to say that, I have NEVER SWITCHED ON the air conditioner MYSELF for a long long time(more than 1 year). I rather switched on my fan at a higher speed. At least I know, I am suffering together with Mother Earth. I won't let her take the heat ALL BY HERSELF!

You see, the fact is that, most people still aren't educated, in the sense of really caring for the world. In this world, you can never deny that money ALWAYS come first. It is always getting the newest Iphones, Ipads, and other gizmo techs and stuffs. Note that there is only "I". Screw the world. Screw Mother Nature.

Human have been too dependent to science and technology, that we somehow have forgotten that our ancestors, once lived in jungles, hunted like animals to survive.

Now, once you're born to this world, anywhere apart the rural and poor areas, you're destined to survive. You don't need to run away from lions or dinosaurs like cavemen of the stone age. You don't need to hunt for meat or pluck fruits from the trees. You have markets, supermarkets and McDonald's for Christ sake! You don't even need to cook your own food! You don't need to walk or migrate when the soil is not fertile for crop growing anymore. And heck again, you don't even grow crops or plant a turf of grass!

And when you think the world's giving you too much, you commit suicide. Heck! Have you ever seen a wild animal commit suicide? I don't think so. How can we humans, become so weak?

And once again, you think that switching your lights off for one hour is so damn noble, think again. It makes things worse when you play with candles. OMG... Can you for once, sit down and enjoy the night, with only the moon and stars as your light?

*sorry for being offending in this post. I know some of you did played with candles or other things. What is done is done. You can act noble again for one more hour by doing nothing, or you can actually try to change thoroughly, starting by banning... Air Conditioners!!!!


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