Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Point of View

Now, how to begin? Apart from the "different people have different point of views" cliche.

Let's just begin. No doubt. Adults always think they are right. Most of the time, yes, but not always. Even when you pit an adult against another adult, there would surely be a difference. One may be right and one, might not be that right. But if you were to pit that adult with a less "wise" compared to a younger person, let's say a son versus a father, you would still end up with a situation where the son follows the father's plan or advice, even though from a 3rd person's point of view, we know that the son's perspectives, is some how more acceptable.

Somehow it is quite random for me to come up with such a post. However, there is a reason behind each and every post I write. Even for the random-est post have their reasons.

Night time or the time before I sleep is when my brains starts thinking, brainstorming. And yeah, this happened yesterday before I was about to drift off. It's a bit sensitive, since it is something quite personal.

I'm in KL, staying with my aunts. One aunt provides the accommodation, one provides the meals. And paying them the rent and money for meals monthly can be a hassle.

Well, a little bit. I don't mind going to the mall to withdraw money and pay them personally. But hmm.. not for my dad. He practically freaks out when I haven't paid one of my aunt's rent.

Yes, as a tenant, it is your duty to pay rents on time. But considering that my account is dried up, and the money that my parents just transferred in just got through, I shouldn't be the one to be blamed, correct? At least with a 10 day limit to pay up the rent, won't make me a lousy tenant right?

And when it comes to accounts and money, not that I do not trust people. It's just that I see business the traditional way. You pay, he or she receives, and you get what you want.

Yeah, asking my aunt to straight away withdraw money from MY account seems to save me from hassles and troubles. But I rather go through the hassle and pay her the right way. Paying face to face somehow leaves a permanent mark that you actually clear a debt or whatever, and it does shows respect to both parties.

Yeah it's impossible for big and humongous business transactions to be paid face to face, but hey, even in sports competition, winners get to receive mock cheques from organizers.

So now you get what I mean?

But still, yet again, since I am my dad's son, and I somehow dislike arguing, I guess I'd rather keep my mouth shut, and do things HIS way.

After all, I just need to pay another 3 times of rent and I'm OUTTA HERE KL!!!

*note: Not that my dad is not smart. He is in fact one of the smartest guy I've known. And I bet he is surely smarter than YOURS! XD But then again, he is human, and he is not smart in every single thing on this planet. ;) Just that probably in this situation, he has his points and I have mine, which I deem more acceptable. Now don't cha think so? XD

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